IRS - Protecting People, Protecting the Environment


Integrated Radiological Services (IRS) Ltd is a privately owned SME providing radiation protection and associated services to users of ionising and non-ionising radiations. We are the largest single provider of such services to the NHS and private hospital sectors. Our customer base also includes veterinary and dental practitioners, small individual and large group practices, as well as security, industrial and education sector organisations.

At the heart of our business is the belief that we can make a positive impact on radiation safety nationwide; improving service quality, reducing costs, generating worthwhile employment and mitigating environmental damage.

Working towards these goals, IRS invests in its people, structures and systems. We support our staff in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as we know this makes our business stronger. As a result, IRS are three-time winners of the prestigious Institute of Physics (IOP) Best Practice in Professional Development Award and have recently achieved Investors In People (IIP) Gold.

Throughout our 30+ year history, IRS has continued to invest in Research and Development, both as a vehicle for staff training and to enhance product and service development. This ensures that we are at the forefront of ongoing technological change in our industry. Now and into the future, IRS is proud to support the UK science sector, generating key knowledge and innovation that improves the quality and affordability of the radiation protection services our customers receive.



IRS was formed in 1985 to provide a commercial vehicle for education and training initiatives and the supply of quality control test equipment. In 1988, the company successfully tendered for the provision of Radiation Protection Services to the then Mersey Region Health Authority, serving roughly 5.5% of the UK population.

Through active involvement with communities, as well as European colleagues, IRS earned an excellent reputation as a high-quality supplier of radiation protection services and associated training programmes. Our Liverpool-based course has become the longest running training course in radiation protection and quality assurance in medical imaging. This course has been exported throughout Europe via the EC Radiation Protection Education and Training (ERPET) initiative, during which IRS also co-ordinated multi-partner Research and Development projects in the EC 4th and 5th Framework Radiation Protection Research Programmes.



  • Empowering our customers to work safely.
  • Creating a culture that facilitates our people to thrive and develop to be their best.
  • Working with the latest technology in the field to deliver high quality services.
  • Innovating in all aspects of our business.

At IRS’s core lies a set of key principles. We believe that knowledge generation, technology development and, most importantly, investment in people will enable us to transform our business and enrich the field of radiation protection. Consequently, we work hard to generate new opportunities for our customers, staff and the wider scientific community.

We also believe in demonstrating our commitment to these values. Through longstanding accreditation under the ISO 9001, TickITplus and now Investors In People (IIP) Gold standards, IRS can ensure the use of best practice procedures, processes and resources in the delivery of our services.

We know that by empowering staff with the opportunities to develop, both individually and as a team, we can maintain our position as a leading service provider now and into the future.