Answers to some of our customers' most frequent questions

What should you do if you receive an over exposure notification?

If an exposure notification is generated for your account you will receive immediate notification.  If you are covered by IRS for Radiation Protection Services, an RPA will already be aware of the exposure notification raised against your account and will be in touch shortly to provide advice and guidance.

If you are not covered by IRS for RPA services, please send a copy of the exposure notification to your RPA.

How do I choose a monitoring frequency?

The RPA for your site should be able to advise on the preferred frequency for your account.

What should I do if my dosimeter is damaged?

A replacement dosimeter can be issued for any dosimeter that has obtained major damage.  Please note – the current Luxel dosimeter is water proof and can continue to be used if exposed to water.

What should I do if my dosimeter is lost and what will happen?

Inform IRS and it will be logged as ‘Lost’ and replaced with a spare from our set.  A charge may be incurred for any lost dosimeters.

Do pregnant staff require special monitoring?

Yes, but please seek advice from your RPA before contacting the Dosimetry Team regarding the preferred method of monitoring.  Any recommendations made by the RPA, IRS’s Dosimetry Team will be able to meet.

Who do I contact regarding my dosimetry service/queries?

For any administrative queries, please contact the Dosimetry Team, either via phone or email at dosimetry@irs-limited.com.  Alternatively, see our Contact Page for all the ways you can get in touch. We are happy to help.

If you require specific advice on the type of monitoring required, or the placement of the dosimeters e.g. Environmental monitoring, please speak with your RPA.

Why do you need dosimetry services?

Dosimetry services are necessary for anybody working with more than a certain amount of ionising radiation (whether or not it is needed is usually decided by an RPA following a discussion).

What do I do if a dosimeter is accidentally exposed?

Make a note of the exposure and inform your RPA as soon as possible.