IRS Dosimetry T&Cs

The information provided below is to be used in conjunction with IRS’s general Terms and Conditions.



All routine dosimeters for a monitoring period are shipped from IRS to the customer up to 1 week before the start of the next monitoring period.  All deliveries will contain:

  • The dosimeters requested
  • Control dosimeters (for which there is no charge)
  • A packing list detailing the dosimeters
  • A return envelope.

Please note the return envelope does not include postage.  It is the customer’s responsibility to pay the correct postage before returning used dosimeters to IRS.

Holders will only be sent with the first issue of dosimeters and must be retained for use with all subsequent deliveries.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all dosimeters are returned to IRS with the appropriate postage paid and within the allocated time frame so as not to incur additional charges as detailed below.

IRS accepts no liability for dosimeters that are not received at IRS’s premises.


Unreturned, lost or late badges

Customers must return all dosimeters for reporting within 90 days of the end of each monitoring period.

Any badge that has not been reported 90 days after the end of an issue period – whether unreturned, lost or returned after 90 days – will incur a charge of £5 per dosimeter.

Dosimeters returned after the 90 day period will still be reported, but will incur the charges detailed above.


Change requests

On each packing list received with the delivery of dosimeters a ‘Change Deadline’ date is listed.  In order for changes (e.g. name changes, cancelled dosimeters, new dosimeters, etc) to be active on the next issue of dosimeters, IRS must be informed of all changes before the Change Deadline.

The Change Deadline is approximately 4 – 5 weeks prior to the start of the next monitoring period.



Customers wishing to cancel the provision of their dosimetry services with IRS must do so in writing using IRS’s cancellation form (available on our Order Forms page).

All cancellation forms received after the change deadline date will result in the next issue of dosimeters being sent and charged for.