IRR/HSE Up-date

Since the ratification of The Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17), there has been is a requirement on employers of practices that work with ionising radiation to inform the HSE of this work. Informing the HSE of work with ionising radiation falls under one of the following categories, set as a hierarchy commensurate with risk:

  • Notification of certain work – IRR17 Regulation 5 – low risk
  • Registration of certain practice – IRR17 Regulation 6 – medium risk
  • Consent to carry out specified practices – IRR17 Regulation 7 – high risk


In October 2023, the HSE released a new platform for the consent, registration and notification process. This is called ‘RADAN’, and supersedes the previous ‘BSSN’ platform. Any new notifications, registrations or consent applications will now go through this portal. Furthermore, employers that had registered on BSSN for ‘working with radiation generators (for example, x-ray devices)’ need to re-register on RADAN, to provide additional information such as the number of x-ray units the employer has and what they are used for.


The HSE have confirmed they have contacted all employers that had registered for use working with radiation generators using the BSSN platform informing them of the need to transfer to RADAN. Regardless of whether you believe you have been contacted by the HSE, please ensure if you work with radiation generators (for example x-ray devices) you have registered (or re-registered) on RADAN as soon as possible, if not already done so.


One thing to remember is that were work is only undertaken with x-ray generators, the majority of sites will have no classified radiation workers. Please verify with IRS as your your RPA if you’re unsure whether you have classified radiation workers. All the other questions asked should be intuitive. However, if you have any specific questions, please contact IRS to advise further.