IRS’s 43rd Annual Liverpool RPS Course

The 43rd Liverpool Radiation Protection course was held recently at IRS’s Liverpool offices in the Brunswick Dock Business Park. We were happy to welcome 25 delegates from the North-West and beyond.

The course was held over 3 days and was concerned with all the radiation protection requirements covered by the Ionising Radiation Regulations of 2017 (IRR17) together with an overview of the Ionising Radiation Medical Exposure Regulations of 2017 (IRMER17).

Each day, lectures were presented on specific sections of the Regulations, which included more detailed discussions on relevant topics that would typically be delegated to an individual appointed as a Radiation Protection Supervisor. For example, a detailed discussion was included on the legal background for radiation risk assessments that was then re-enforced by an exercise in which each expectation of the Approved Code of Practice was detailed, and an example of compliance given. In this way, delegates were introduced to both the content of the Regulations as well as their practical contents and implementation.

Each day concluded with a Case Study where participants were divided into working groups and provided with a scenario that outlined a new hospital build. Each case would require consideration of that day’s learning across a range of modalities to ensure compliance with the Regulations. The Case Studies encouraged discussion on radiation protection topics amongst the participants and also helped to re-enforce knowledge and understanding. Outcomes were presented by each group to all the course participants for further discussion and analysis. Our aim for these sessions is always to introduce participants to best practice in radiation protection, tied to real world scenarios.

Some comments from the participants included:

  • “Excellent knowledgebase amongst the speakers”
  • “Well organised, very informative staff who know their stuff and present with confidence”
  • “IRS Limited provided an excellent training course with a breadth of knowledge & Experience to deliver”

We have run courses for over 30 years, ranging from basic to postgraduate levels for all users of ionising and non-ionising radiation, irrespective of sector.

To view IRS’s full training schedule for 2024/25, please refer to our courses page.