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Matt Ward

Professional Accreditations

  • Radiation Protection Adviser (medical & dental, academic, industrial sectors).
  • HCPC Registered Clinical Scientist (DR & RP) – Areas of interest: clinical audit, CR &
  • DR optimisation, CT testing and dosimetry
  • Radioactive Waste Adviser
  • MIPEM, MInstP, CSci.



M.Chem, MSc.


  • University of Manchester 2003-2006 – MSc Physics and Computing in Medicine and
  • University of Manchester 1996-2000 – M.Chem Chemistry


Role in IRS

  • Radiation Protection Adviser
  • Clinical Scientist (Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Protection) – MPE
    support across all major imaging modalities to support fulfilment of IRMER by
    radiation employers.
  • Member of operational management team
  • Education and Training presenter (RPS, Laser, General QA, RP & Safety, oneoff
    courses to engineering, dental, academic sectors).
  • Routine (IPEM Level B or equivalent) physics testing and reporting in the
    following modalities:

    • X-Ray
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Contamination
    • MRI
    • Nuclear Medicine
  • Active part in the IRS R&D programme. Current projects include:
    Nuclear medicine RPA involvement with local departments – service
    improvement, QC, physics support to operators and ARSAC holders.
    New business sector development (engineer support, advice to
  • Support to MSc and PhD radiography students within University and
    first hospital placements.

Publications & Presentations


2004: Software as a Medical Device Meeting Presentation: “Verification and Testing of
Patient Dose Data Software for Diagnostic Radiology”.

2007: Annual General Meeting, Cardiff Presentation: “Medical Physics Expert-led activities
through Radiology Information Systems”.

EU 5th Framework RADIUS Group Presentations:
London, July 2003 – Evaluation of QA and Patient Dosimetry Protocols Using QADDS

Braunschwieg, Germany, November 2003 – Initial Findings of CR Readers in Liverpool Using
KCARE Protocols.
Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2004 – Migration of QA and Patient Dose Data between
different database environments.

Medical X-Ray Imaging Conference, Malmo University Hospital Lund, Sweden, April 2004.
Presentation and publication: “Central dose data management and analysis in IT
driven radiation protection strategies”. (Ward M, Hughes D, Connolly P, Moores BM.
Published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2005), Vol. 114, Nos 1-3, pp. 135–142.)

2004 Presentation: “Assessment of Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Systems”

2005 Poster: “Enhancing patient care through IT driven radiation protection support services
in the NHS”. Moores BM, Anwyl D, Connolly P, Charnock P, Anslow L, Monaghan H,
Hughes D, Ward M.

2008 Presentation: Dose audit in a direct digital radiography department: new standards and
investigation levels. Ward, M. A.•Fazakerley, J.

2008 e-Poster: Computed radiography quality assurance – a review of data for Kodak, Agfa and
Philips systems Fazakerley, J.•Ward, M.

World Congress 2009 Presentation:
Experiences of in-field and remote monitoring of diagnostic radiological quality in Ghana using an equipment and patient dosimetry database. M.A. Ward, E. K. Ofori, D. Scutt, and
B.M. Moores

Other Paper and Poster Submissions:
Paper: IT-driven patient safety at the heart of radiology service improvement. Medical
Informatics and the Internet in Medicine 2005; 30(2), 123-133. Moores B.M., Anwyl D.,
Connolly P., Anslow L., Monaghan H., Hughes D., Ward M. and Charnock P.

Paper: Web-based tools for quality assurance and radiation protection in diagnostic radiology.
B. M. Moores, P. Charnock and M. Ward. Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2010), Vol.
139, Nos 1-3, pp. 1422-429)

Poster: EANM Congress 2009 Poster: Preliminary Studies to quantify the effective dose
delivered by the CT phase of two different SPECT/CT Systems using clinical imaging
procedures with and ImpaCT CT Dose Index (CTDI) Phantom. Hufton IS, Charnock P,
Ward M, Carroll M. Barcelona, 2009

Paper: Journal of Applied Clinical and Medical Physics. Optimization of patient radiation
protection during pelvis X-ray examination in hospitals in Ghana. E Ofori, M Ward, D
Scutt (in submission).

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