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An advanced platform for electronic Patient Dose and Quality Assurance

What is QADRIS?

QADRIS is IRS’s newest software development offering a unified Patient Dose and Quality Assurance architecture. It embodies over 30 years of practical experience performing Patient Dose and Clinical Audits, coupled with 25 years of successful innovation in the field of regional and large radiographic data set analyses.

Through the development and utilisation of frontier technology, as well as close working partnerships with our customers, IRS are proud to offer the medical sector a more efficient, accessible and transparent process for patient dose audit that transforms the potential of large scale data analytics.

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What can QADRIS do for you?

QADRIS will allow customers to effectively manage both their Patient Dose data, as well as their routine QA data. A comprehensive range of dose audit reports and associated analyses can be produced for all x-ray imaging modalities for individual patients, groups of patients or whole patient populations. Equally, Patient Doses may be benchmarked against an extremely large number of examination records derived from multiple hospital sites and items of x-ray equipment.
As well as providing detailed Patient Dose audit reports, QADRIS can analyse and generate reports on a variety of variables. These include:

  • X-ray room and operator workloads,
  • Degree of IRMER 2000 compliance,
  • Timeline analyses of QA results, e.g. x-ray tube outputs and AEC performance.

All of the above functionality is aimed at underpinning the Patient Dose audit findings in order to support optimisation.

Proven Scientific Methodology

QADRIS utilises a unique, peer-reviewed methodology for IT-driven Patient Dose audits employing electronic X-ray examination records (see our Research section for more details). This has allowed IRS to generate Patient Dose audits on a huge scale. For example, the IRS dose data repository at present contains over 2.5 million anonymous examination records, with approximately 200,000 records for CT alone.

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